Join Us for Worship
Sunday Worship - 10:00 am
Sunday school - 11:15 am
909 North Landing Road
Rochester, NY 14625

Trinity Reformed Church is a community of people:;
   living, loving, and struggling people;
   young, old, and in between people;
   people whose faith is strong and whose faith is weak.

We try to live out our Christian faith in the here and now.
We care for each other, and desire to do God's will in the world.

We're not all cut out of the same mold.
We have differing ages, experiences, perspectives, questions, and answers.

But we know that, even as we are not all the same, we belong:
to each other and to Christ,
expressing that belonging
   in worship that is biblical, liturgical, sacramental, confessional, and musical;
   in ministries of hospitality and service;
   in the pleasure of each other's company.

We hope that we can welcome you into our community.
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